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As you can see, the blog is still in “Development” stage.  I’m closer to completing the theme and I’ve got a whole bunch of draft posts that are in a similar state of completeness.

I’m testing the theme in Firefox 2 and 3, Flock, Safari 3 and 4, Opera, IE 6 and 7 and getting it to render correctly in each browser and across multiple clients is no easy task.  I’ve learnt a lot about how to accomplish this less painfully and will blog more on this as well as reveling some of the tricks I have used once I get up and running.

One priceless example I have discovered is that different browsers treat images, padding and margins with an odd number of pixels differently. Therefore always stick to an even number of pixels for image sizes and in your CSS.  If this means cropping your images 1 pixel wider or narrower then so be it – trust me, it will save you a world of hurt!

There is still much work to do on this theme and the content before this blog is ready for launch.  However, Since I can’t possibly test every combination of browser and OS, I would be extremely grateful if you could let me know in the comments on how this site looks for you (please don’t forget to include both your browser and your OS).  Any comments or suggestions on the style, whether you like it or not are also welcomed.

Things I know need fixing are:

  • Fix the New Posts background so that it repeats nicely
  • Fix the hover over RSS Icon
  • Fix the spacing between the Sidebar headings and the content
  • Fix the Hyperlink CSS colours
  • Remove the white from the top and bottom left of the date tab image

Watch this space, or consider subscribing to the feed - great content will be coming soon…….

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“Thanks for Looking!”

  1. Written by Bob about 5 years ago

    I like your attitude here and on your twitter, very refreshing.

    You may have already seen … it’s a nice tool to test out various browsers for us non-techies.

    And thanks for the heads up on the “even number” of pixels … good find.

    Best from Athens.

  2. Written by Rick Cutcliffe about 5 years ago

    Hey Nick, Thanks for the Twitter Follow,The Theme looks great. I’m running Vista OS on my laptop and using Mozilla Firefox browser version 3.0.8 . The tip on even number of pixels for image sizes is much appreciated. I’m working on putting together a blog about the sailboat I’m restoring here at WordPress that will contain video and many images. I never would have considered it being a problem had you not mentioned it. I’m looking forward to following your progress here and the tips & tricks you have used to get it up and running.

  3. Written by Jay Rosenberg about 5 years ago

    Hi – how did you hear of my twitter address? Yes, happy to follow you.
    Very nice graphics on your site.
    Just returned from Hong Kong. Stayed in Kowloon. Ate at Spring Deer, bustling family spot – great Pekin Duck.
    I am an Internet guy, specialize in Mental Triggers, Persuasion Strategy, encouraging prospects to say Yes!.
    Nice to meet you.

  4. Written by Nick Murray about 5 years ago

    Thanks Brian, Browser Shots looks like a great tool for testing the more obscure combinations of browser and OS. I’ll definitely be back there once I get the look finalised.

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